Taking a break….

Dear Readers,

real life sometimes gets in the way of ‘hobby’. And Markus and I see FSNews as ‘hobby’. Currently I am running out of time on a daily basis, having to try and make a living. That nowadays is NOT easy when you have a small one-man company in a niche market.

It just means I won’t have time to update FSNews for the next few months at least. I’ll be on Facebook, Twitter and my other sites as much as possible, but any regularity will suffer.

If there is anyone out there who wants to volunteer to help us post FS news items, great, just drop me a mail and we can see what can be done.

I obviously will not be gone from the FS news scene, but need to concentrate on a few core activities first now… AND be on some sort of vacation too, as I promised my dear wife ;-)

Wishing you all a great Summer and DO check in here and other sites for updates on our hobby.



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One Response to Taking a break….

  1. Rob-PA7RM says:

    Francois and Nina, have a great time. Enjoy and indeed it’s a hobby, more a less. ;)

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